Susmita Bhattacharjee  -  03/06/2022

I am writing a review after 4 weeks of using this product and it works nice. If u wanted something which absorbs better and does not give whitish look then you can go for it without any second thought. Overall good experience with SPF 30.

Vaishali Mondal  -  12/05/2022

Loved it. After applying it your face looks better than before. It gives a natural glow to your face and protects your skin from heavy sunlight. You may try it.

Sudhanshu Aprajith  -  04/05/2022

Very nice SPF. The first time I tried sunscreen less than 50. It also works nicely. It's non-oily and plain. All in all superb quality product. ????????????????????????????????thanks.

Vikram  -  06/03/2022

best to use whenever got outside and perfect spa 30 protection