Leading Technology

We strive to make every product a novel invention, which is designed to cater the future needs.

Quality & Safety

Our products are WHO-GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015 , ISO Food Safety 22000 : 2005 & India Organic Certified.

Professional Team

We have collaborated with scientists worldwide, which have worked with international space agencies.


We understand how much you care for your loved ones. That’s why is it important to get what is best for them. We, as an organisation, are committed to make this happen. Our main goal is to satisfy you and then everything else. For that, we make sure that all our products are of the finest quality possible. Every single product of ours is a patented innovation which is not available otherwise. We ensure that all our products and formulations are chemical-free and remarkably safe for all age-groups. Unlike many others, all our products guarantee effectiveness as well as nil side effects which we are exceptionally proud of. All this would have been impossible without our highly-efficient team of innovators who are extremely diligent towards the cause which is the main source of any new extraordinary innovation like ours. All products are proved to be one hundred percent natural and significantly chemical-free. Safety is prioritized over everything. We understand the need of the customers and thrive to innovate consistently with our aim to benefit our community at large.

Our Specialization


Toothpaste and mouthwash with anti-precancerous and antiviral properties...
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Hair Fall

Formulations for treating the problem of hair fall and supplements for better hair growth...
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Molecular and combinations for treating psoriasis and treatment of skin disorders...
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Diabetic Foot

Novel anti-diabetic herbal formulation and diabetic foot cream...
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Specialized for the treatment for arthritis, and bone loss...
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Compositions for prophylaxis and/or treatment of cardiovascular diseases...
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Patents & Technology

L’avenour are globally tested, patented, internationally certified and approved because they are unique and superior in terms of quality.

Our Experts


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