Quality & Safety

Our products are WHO-GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015 , ISO Food Safety 22000 : 2005 & India Organic Certified.

Leading Technology

We strive to make every product a novel invention, which is designed to cater the future needs.

Experts by Experience

We have collaborated with scientists worldwide, which have previously worked with NASA.

the mouth company

The Mouth company is dead against animal cruelty- on an average, a million animals are tested upon per year. The products don’t justify the act either- the market is filled with below average, harsh chemicals in the name of oral hygiene, that often abrade the top layer of the enamel, or mask oral odor with artificial perfumes in the name of ‘a wholesome cleanse’. By understanding organic, natural chemistry, our team at The Mouth Company has created a line of chemical, gluten, cruelty and plastic free, IDA approved, no nonsense dental products that ensure the best oral experience.

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Stages & Indications where our products work

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, also known as dental caries or cavities, is a breakdown of teeth due to acids made by bacteria.


Toothache refers to pain in and around the teeth and jaws that's usually caused by tooth decay.


Oral sensitivity is defined as an atypical response to oral stimulation. Hyper-reactive responses to oral stimulation may develop.

Bad Breath

A persistent, unpleasant odour in exhaled breath, usually not serious, commonly called bad breath.delivering you quality dentistry.

Red-White Lesions

Red-White Oral Lesions. Common causes of mucosal redness (erythema) include: Vasodilation: increased blood vessel diameter.


Periodontitis is a severe gum infection that can lead to tooth loss and other serious health complications.


Pyorrhoea (Periodontitis) is set of inflammatory disease affecting the periodontium i.e., the tissues that surround and support.


Literally means “a white patch”. This is one of the most commonly found tobacco-related oral lesions.

Submucous Fibrosis

This condition occurs most commonly due to areca/betel nut (supari) consumption. The hallmark of this condition is fibrosis.


A fiery red patch that cannot be characterized clinically or pathologically as any other definable disease.

Oral Lichen Planus

OLP is an autoimmune disorder (a disease in which the body’s immune system attacks its own healthy cells).


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