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The Mouth Company Meswak & Pomegranate Toothgel | Pack of 2 | 100% Vegan, Without SLS & Paraben | Prevent Oral Cancer

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Brands The Mouth Company

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Protect your family's oral health and gift them the best smiles with our special Tooth Gel.

For those with sensitive teeth and tender gums, The Mouth Company has invented a special Meswak & Pomegranate Toothgel which is an advanced patented formulation for intensive oral care.

Our tooth gel is specially constituted to cleanse your teeth as well as gums and revitalize your tooth enamel which is essential for oral health and protects you from many bad and pre-cancerous oral conditions.

It's useful in the management of:

Tooth Decay, Bad Breath, Toothache, Leukoplakia, Submucous Fibrosis, Pyorrhoea, Dental Caries, Sensitivity, Periodontitis, Red and White Lesions, Oral Lichen Planus

Our Meswak & Pomegranate Tooth Gel features:
It is highly recommended to patients in order to stimulate the Healing and Cleansing of any wound. For example, after pulling teeth, implantation, chemotherapy, or when you have wounds caused by improperly fitted dentures.
Carnosic acid in the formulation shows Anticell-Proliferative, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Angiogenic, and Apoptotic Potential.
The Meswak & Pomegranate flavour of our tooth gel deals with Oral Dryness and Sensitivity while reviving your senses.
Optimum fluoride uptake with tea tree oil and carnosic acid ensures better enamel health and gives you a nice and healthy feeling throughout the day.
It is soft on the gums and its SLS-free surfactant allows healing which fights existing dental plaque and prevents the build-up of new plaque.
Therefore, it prevents tooth decay and ensures healthy teeth.

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Flavor Meswak & Peppermint
Combos Pack of 2

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Vaishnavi - 30/06/2021

Good taste, balanced, not harsh on teeth

Vansha - 30/06/2021

Great part is, it produces good foam, results in better teeth cleaning

Upasna - 28/06/2021

Out of all herbal paste I used lately, I found this one the best of all

Upma - 23/06/2021

Rich herbal flavor in mouth after every bresh and it gives you good amount of freshness

Urmi - 20/06/2021

Much better than ones from Colgate and others

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