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The Mouth Company Cool Mint Toothgel 75g | Pack of 2 | 100% Vegan, Without SLS & Paraben | Prevent Oral Cancer

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Brands The Mouth Company

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Cool Mint Toothgel | Pack of 2 | Preventing Oral Cancer

Protect your family's oral health and gift them the best smiles with our special Tooth Gel.

For those with sensitive teeth and tender gums, The Mouth Company has invented a special Cool Mint Toothgel which is an advanced patented formulation for intensive oral care. Our tooth gel is specially constituted to cleanse your teeth as well as gums and revitalize your tooth enamel which is essential for oral health and protects you from many bad and pre-cancerous oral conditions.

It's useful in the management of:

Tooth Decay, Bad Breath, Toothache, Leukoplakia, Submucous Fibrosis, Pyorrhoea, Dental Caries, Sensitivity, Periodontitis, Red and White Lesions, Oral Lichen Planus

Our Cool Mint Tooth Gel features:

The Cool Mint flavour gives you a long-lasting cooling sensation.          
It contains natural antibiotics that shield you from all kinds of Fungi, Bacteria, and Viruses.
It prevents Sensitivity Pains and also relieves dry mouth tissue through an immediate and long-lasting Soothing, Moisturizing, and Lubricating Effect.
It reduces the solubility of enamel, preventing Demineralization of the tooth surface when exposed to acids, and refreshes your mouth by promoting Healthy Mouth Odour.
Natural active extracts enhance the Wound Healing Effect & provide a significant Relief in Inflammation and prevent Gingivitis.
Made with edible active ingredients, the tooth gel does not contain paraben, alcohol, harsh abrasives, or other harmful chemicals making it completely safe to use.

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Flavor Cool Mint
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Oeshi - 30/06/2021

It is a good cavity fighting toothpaste, with added whitener

Pari - 30/06/2021

The whitening feature really works! Who wouldnt want a brighter smile?

Odika - 28/06/2021

Nice product value of moneypacking was good we loved itn fresh prodect nice

Osha - 23/06/2021

Overall satisfied

Omya - 20/06/2021

Cleaning action is ok

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