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World's First-Ever - The Mouth Company Mouth Sanitizer Spray I Alcohol Free Breath Freshener 10 ml - Pack of 5

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Brand: The Mouth Company

Product Code: 33061020

The Mouth Company Alcohol-Free Mouth Sanitizer Spray | WORLD'S FIRST-EVER

Keep your oral hygiene at its prime with The Mouth Company's innovative Mouth Sanitizer.

With increasing air pollution and busy schedules, our mouth often needs cleansing and upkeep, especially if you have busy schedules, to ensure a germ-free mouth even after every meal, to keep your mouth protected from bacterial build-up and onset of decay, use our refreshing Mouth Sanitizer with the twist of mint. Not only does it kill 99.9% of the germs but also aids the prevention of oral cancer and other viral infections.

It's useful in the management of Tooth Decay, Bad Breath, Toothache, Leukoplakia, Submucous Fibrosis, Pyorrhoea, Dental Caries, Sensitivity, Periodontitis, Red and White Lesions, Oral Lichen Planus

Product features:

Easy to Carry: Kills 99.9% of germs instantly and is pocket-friendly!

Effective against viruses: Our Mouth Sanitizer is effective against broad spectrum bacteria and even against viral infections.

Anti-Smoking: Our Mouth Sanitizer cuts down the urge to smoke and also has anti-cancerous properties to help curb ill mouth conditions in smokers.

Edible Formulation: Our vegan and alcohol-free Mouth Sanitizer is edible and completely safe across all age groups, including children, and does not have any side effects.

Patented Formulation: Our Mouth Sanitizer is made from the (Applied*) formulation entitled “Anticancerous & Anti-Microbial Edible Formulation & Preparation Method Thereof.” hence, it is one of its kind.

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Nirav Jain - 18/07/2022

Its a very good pocket mouth fresher which can be carried easily and used, taste is just wow and the flavour is also very good it keeps fresh for a long time

Jyoti Mishra - 27/06/2022

Ordered this portable mouth spray which I found very useful for outings and gatherings.

Divesh Ganeshan - 05/05/2022

Quality products, me and my freidns now easily keep breath fresh after smoking. Thanks for the fast delivery.

Pramod Kumar - 05/05/2022

Very good product compare to other products in the market

Raju Tiwari - 21/04/2022

Very nice product, it always protects me from friends. because they don't know I am smoking. good Minty spray tiny bottle.

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