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The Mouth Company Classic Mint Toothpaste 50g - Pack of 3 | Sensitivity & Cavity Protection | 100% Vegan, SLS & Paraben Free, Gluten Free & No Harmful Chemicals

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Brand: The Mouth Company

Product Code: 33061020

The Mouth Company Classic Mint Toothpaste 50g (Pack of 3) | Chemical & Gluten Free Fresh Mint Toothpaste

The Mouth Company Classic Mint Toothpaste contains Vitamin C which is 3 times more efficient in preventing the formation of Biofilm. It has Nano-Hydroxyapatite that repairs and reinforces enamel, preventing dental caries, and helps remineralize enamel by forming a protective layer.

With the help of menthol, it gives a cooling effect and works effectively as an Anti-Plaque and Anti-Gingivitis agent. Formulated with the advanced technology with folic acid and Carnosic acid for Gum.

The Mouth Company Classic Mint toothpaste contains menthol that gives intense cooling and super freshness. It also contains fluoride for cavity protection, keeps germ build-up at bay, and makes your teeth whiter on continuous use.

Sensitivity Protection: This Classic Mint toothpaste has a mint flavour that keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean. It is proven to provide all the benefits of regular toothpaste. Relieves sensitivity by building a protective barrier that blocks the sensitivity caused by hot, cold, sweet, and other contact triggers.

Why The Mouth Company's Classic Mint Toothpaste: Safe for Entire Family including Kids | No Artificial Colours | No Harmful Chemicals | 100% Vegan | SLS & Paraben Free | Gluten-Free | Cruelty-Free | All Natural | Made for All Humans | Made in India - DENTIST Recommended.

Recommended Usage: For Intensive Care of Your Pearly Whites! Brush for two minutes twice daily, rinse with mouthwash for 30 seconds and smile naturally and confidently with long-lasting oral freshness. Can be Swallowed.

Lets you enjoy your favourite foods and drinks without the worry of sensitive teeth. We also provide The Mouth Company Classic Mint Toothpaste 100g Pack of 3

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Pranavi - 12/09/2022

Excellent product. would purchase again. Have been using it for a long.

Surya - 11/09/2022

I am using this product for a long it is worth the money, the effect is awesome, the taste is good, extra bubbly toothpaste. For better results use it twice a day.

Vrinda - 23/08/2022

It's really working. I used it for a long now I can definitely say it works well... product quality is superb.. overall good product at this price range.

Sahana - 23/04/2022

I love the flavour of this toothpaste. It's not too strong and it's perfect for fresh breath.

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